How to Double Your Sales without Doubling Your Platform Visits?

How to Double Your Sales without Doubling Your Platform Visits?

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“Double the sales by doubling the number of visitors to a website”.

We keep hearing this but is this the only way you could 2X your sales?

No doubt, the increasing number of visitors will fetch you more sales, but ever wondered about introspecting your website to boost the sales?

Yes, introspecting! You always look for what is wrong in the external environment but you never try to find the internal scope for improvement.

Focusing on what’s wrong with your website can fetch you more sales in a short period of time. The forces are well under your control and can be tweaked quickly.

For example: Your website is getting 1,00,000 visits a month with an average conversion rate of 1%. If you increase the usability and work on improving conversion rate from 1% to 2% then with that simple step you can double your sales.

Let’s go through different potential parameters that can be tweaked to increase usability & conversion rate, and achieve more sales.

Optimizing your landing page

  • Your landing page should have your best graphics that could define your business and its objectives. Visual presentation is always better then text.
  • Your product should be well explained here to grab the attention.
  • You should have a call to action button right here to convert your visitor into a lead.
  • A short and simple inquiry form might help.

Focus on bringing credibility

  • Reviews and ratings are very important. Many consumers look at ratings and reviews before making a purchase.
  • You can also fetch ratings and reviews from third-party application and show them on your website.
  • Request your customers for their product pictures and ask for testimonials. These can bring a lot of worth to the website.
  • Do showcase any certificates or awards your company might have got to increase the trustworthiness.

Shopping cart improvement (for eCommerce Websites ONLY)

  • You can gather information about the customer who left the cart page and try to find the reason as to why they did so. This will help you improve your website functionality and find the right loopholes.
  • Your checkout process should be simple so that the customer makes a hassle free purchase, like having guest checkout option, one page checkout, etc.
  • The steps involved in your checkout process should be lesser. Make it easy for your customer to make a purchase and ask for only those details that are important for processing the order e.g. many websites ask for personal information like anniversary, the birthday that can help will better customer engagement but are not essential during the checkout The same can be captured through a post-purchase process.
  • Pay attention to your payment gateway. One of our client Swahamfaced a similar issue with their payment gateway losing more than 60% business due to payment receivable issue. The moment they shifted to another payment gateway, the issue was solved. Talk to your customers and they will analyze and tell you about your checkout process.

Seek your customer attention

  • As a marketer, Pop-ups are a boon; but as a customer would you like a popup bouncing out each time you visit a webpage? An obvious answer is a NO. But there are some pop-ups that user might like, so do have them on your website. In nutshell, think as a user, and not JUST as a Marketer.
  • Be sensitive to your customer needs. Install a good chatbot that can provide you a way to interact with clients, offer them a discount / assistance in real time and make their purchase. You can look for Tidio, and many such options that are available in the market.

Try different pricing options

  • The usual way you do is try to set your price point based on industry leader’s price or the price of the few close competitors. But do consider that the price you are quoting will fit customers pocket? Try different pricing options and see what works for you.
  • Free shipping is a great way to do it, no one would like to spend additional money on shipping above the product.

Followup with your customer

  • You can follow up with the customers who left the purchase open in their cart to know what they need to convert the same into a purchase.
  • Following up with your customers for post-sales reviews and providing a coupon code to push the next purchase.
  • Setup a newsletterat least once in a month to stay connected.
  • Using your social media handle to showcase your happy customer is a great idea. Ask your clients to share their picture product and just show off!

Trail and Error different parameters

  • Keep changing the images of your homepage with different banners to see what works for your website. Also, do showcase your new products.
  • Bring in a new offer and make it a part of your homepage. That will make the client look for products that will suit their pocket and incline them towards purchase.
  • Be clear with your term & conditions along with guarantee, warranty, product information, and return policy. Clients love if these policies are flexible and the same is highlighted.
  • Try changing the site colors to suit different festivals and occasion. This will bring freshness to your website.

Firstly, try and identify the changes that you wish to make and list them out so that you don’tmiss on any of them. Check if every point of them is in sync with your business offering.

Once you know what needs to be changed, Look no further just go ahead and start making the changes one by one and double check for changes made with trail purchase from your end to be double sure of it.

Once the changes are made, don’t sit back! Keep analyzing the customer response and learn from it. Constantly bring in new changes and improvement to make your website a better place to shop.


About the Author:

Altaf Gilani is an Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Consultant with more than a decade of experience. He has Co-founded two ventures – Eminent InfoWeb LLP and Swaham Artesign LLP.

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